Nemtek Electric Poultry Netting 50m



Poultry Netting 50m
Poultry netting helps keep your poultry in a contained area when they are outdoors. It’s also offers protection from predators like foxes, house cats and mongoose. The green colour net blends into the background to make it less obtrusive.

• Heavy duty UV stabilised poly wires for long life
• Heavy duty fibre reinforced posts with a two-pronged metal foot for stability
• 3 x 0.20mm stainless steel conductors per horizontal fence line
• A total of 12 horizontal fence lines of which 11 are electrified. The bottom wire is not electrified as it touches the ground
• Metal clip to join multiple nets together
• Two-pronged metal foot for stability and pushing into the ground
• Repair kit and corner post tie downs included
• Multiple nets are easily connected

Nemtek energizer minimum requirements:
• For one net use a 0.25 joule energizer
• For two nets use a 0.50 joule energizer
• For three nets use a 0.75 joule energizer
• For four nets use a 1.0 joule energizer with APT
• For more than four and up to ten nets use a 2.5 joule energizer with APT


Material: UV stabilised poly wires
Stainless steel conductors
Length: 50m
Height: 1.12m



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