Horizontal Chicken Drinkers


An easy, cost effective, time saving and efficient way to give your chickens clean water to drink. 


Drill a 9mm hole about 3cm from the bottom of a plastic container.

If you hang the container, the hole can be as low as 2cm from the bottom. If you have a huge container standing on the ground, the drinkers can be placed higher.

Screw the chicken drinker into the hole.

Hand tighten. The water cup (longer lip) should be at the bottom. You can put multiple drinkers in one container. You can also put the drinkers on different heights in the same container. Ideally the drinker should be on the height of the chickens’ heads.

Ensure air flow

Do not seal the container by putting on the lid. If you use a bucket, drill a hole in the lid to ensure air flow. Make the hole in the lid large enough to easily fill the container with a hose or watering can.

Show your chickens the water

Press the nipple to let water flow out for a few seconds. Do this a few times to show the chickens the water source. Chickens are curious and will find the water.


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